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Bitumen Solution Izoplast R, 20 kg Visa större

Bitumen Solution Izoplast R, 20 kg

Numer produktu Realbud: 556

282.92   kr 230.015476 /frp.

230.02 kr exkl. moms.

Förpackning 20 kg
Vikt 19.5 kg
Tillverkare ADW
Volym 0.03 m³

IZOPLAST R is intended to prime concrete bases, cement and cement-gypsum coats, for the saturation of wooden elements (fencings, roofing shingles, etc.) and the creation of autonomous &ldquolight&rdquo insulation coatings.


Before priming and making &ldquolight&rdquo insulation coatings the base should be appropriately prepared i.e. to remove dirt and impurities, make the surface even, remove fossils, etc. If a new layer of screed is to be poured or gap-filling concrete poured, the priming must be performed after at least 10 days maturing,

- wooden, chipboard, and asbestos-cement surfaces: remove all mineral impurities, powder, dust, etc., fill in gaps/defects or replace rotten or decayed elements

- steel structures, steel and galvanised sheets: remove rust, deposits of old paint, fats, greases, etc. Derusting is permissible to the 3rd cleanness class

- priming and creating insulation coatings on metal surfaces: in each case, the cold product is applied to the prepared base with brushes, roofing brooms, or mechanically.

The time of coating skin formation &ndash about 6 hours.

Priming &ndash it is enough to apply the product evenly once on the whole surface.

The consumption of IZOPLAST R&rsquo for priming and making the first insulation coating on metal surfaces is about 0.3 &ndash 0.6 L/m2. For subsequent coatings on metal surfaces &ndash about 0.2 &ndash 0.4 L/m2.

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Bitumen Solution Izoplast R, 20 kg

Bitumen Solution Izoplast R, 20 kg

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PF Izoplast R ADW PL

Declaration of performance for the ADW product in Polish.