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Cast iron fittings

The basic element of the construction of the water supply network are cast iron fittings. We use them both in external and internal construction. In our offer you can find fittings made of high quality nodular iron. We offer, for example, elbows, tees, stubs and reducers - all available in various types and diameters. Our fittings are covered with varnish and fully protected against corrosion, which guarantees their long-term use.
During the construction of water supply and sewage networks, we should only use products approved for use in construction and having appropriate approvals. Materials that come in contact with drinking water must be completely safe and created in accordance with applicable regulations. Our products belong to such - they meet all quality requirements.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. The high quality of our products goes hand in hand with a competitive price. In case of doubt, we provide professional advice and support in the selection of the most appropriate elements.
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