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Aluminium manhole cover A15, 600 mm

Numer produktu Realbud: 48692

416.66   kr 338.747625 /st

338.75 kr exkl. moms.

Diameter ø678/ø602 mm
Höjd 50 mm
Vikt 5.5 kg
Material aluminium
Hållfasthetsklass 15 kN
Färg czarny
Ansökan dla ruchu pieszego i rowerowego
Kvantitet på en lastpall 35
Supplier's index P1120003
Tillverkare FERRUM
Volym 0.02 m³
Shell malowany proszkowo

high aesthetics ensures perfect composition with modern trends in
architecture of gardens, combining modern elements of paving stones with traditional greenery
high quality casting (casting technique used in the automotive industry)
powder coated - the ability to paint in other colors, for example, cube colors
✔ the design of the ornament on the outside of the cover ensures easy drainage of water from it
the surface-cover is covered with powder varnish, which means that the water drains off
does not contaminate the manhole surroundings - lawn, cobblestones
bolted - protection against opening
low weight of the set - 5.5 kg
✔ an innovative product manufactured in 100% in Poland
(registered in the Patent Office)
✔ saving on transport costs
✔ warranty
✔ plastic plugs that seal the manhole from water
✔ compliant with the European Standard PN-EN 124-3

Designed for covering underground control wells enabling access to sewage, water supply, gas and other devices, if the location of the wells falls outside the roadways.

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