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Chimney system gas TURBO + Ventilation

The KONEKT TURBO chimney is a modern, two-layer air-combustion system designed for exhausting gases from furnaces with a closed combustion chamber, Turbo as well as condensing furnaces with a closed combustion chamber.

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3 662.29   kr 2977.471031 /set

2 977.47 kr exkl. moms.

Dimensionen 36x50 cm

The KONEKT TURBO Chimney System is a modern, two-layer air-flue gas system designed for flue gas discharge from closed chamber furnaces and condensation furnaces. The system uses high-quality chimney ceramics that meet the requirements of D3P1, while the whole system meets the harmonized requirements set out in the standards EN 13063-2 and 13063-3, confirmed by received European certificates.

The combustion air in this system is supplied through channels between the ceramic pipe and the chimney casing. It flows in a reverse stream to the flue gas. In this way, it was possible to solve the problems associated with the air necessary for combustion in new buildings, where it is not possible to supply air to the furnace from outside.

The TURBO Chimney System is a chimney to which heating devices located on individual floors of the building can be connected, the system allows you to connect up to 12 heating devices to one chimney.

The number of permissible connections depends on the boiler power and chimney cross-section. The number of permissible connections depending on the cross-section of the chimney is presented in the table below:

The diameter of the chimneyPermitted number of devices
100 1
140 3
200 6
220 8
250 10


Characteristics of the KONEKT TURBO chimney system

    As one of the few producers of chimney systems in Poland, we have a wide selection of channel cross-sections (internal diameter of the channel [mm] 100/140/200/220/250/300). All sections are in the continuous offer.
    Very high class ceramics class D3P1 ensures gas tightness, acid resistance and moisture resistance. The cartridges have a smooth surface.
    The chimney concrete chimney casing is made of lightweight concrete with very good thermal insulation.
    The modularity of the system ensures that the system will fit into every building. The system height is adjusted to the client's needs. The chimney system can have a height of 4 mb to 25 mb, the chimney module 0.25 mb.
    The KONEKT TURBO Chimney System has a written 50-year warranty.
    By buying our Chimney System the customer will receive a completely equipped chimney - ready for connecting the heating device.
    The system has the European CE Quality Certificate for the entire system.

The system meets the requirements of the following standards: 13063-2 and 13063-3, which is confirmed by the received CE certificates.

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