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Chimney system universal

The Konekt chimney system is a versatile and at the same time the best type of chimney system on the market.

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3 321.72   kr 2700.584392 /set

2 700.58 kr exkl. moms.

Dimensionen 36x36 cm

Characteristics of the KONEKT chimney system

The KONEKT Chimney System is a three-layer, universal and also the best type of chimney system on the market. It is designed for both modern furnaces for solid and liquid fuels - also those with the effect of flue gas condensation (flue gas temperature is less than 200 ° C), as well as for traditional heating devices. The three-layer, fully wool-insulated system solution means that the system meets the high requirements of modern heating techniques. Chimney liners of high class A1N1 / B2N1 are resistant to soot fire and to high and low temperatures from 60 to 600 ° C. The inserts are also characterized by a smooth surface and resistance to corrosive agents. The system is resistant to moisture and acid condensate. The specially shaped KONROC chimney cover used in the KONEKT System filling the space between the ceramic pipe and the expanded clay concrete block makes the system simple and quick to install.

The KONROC chimney cover has several very important functions in the chimney:

    stabilizes ceramics,
    prevents the chimney from cooling down, sudden lighting of the stove when the chimney is cold can seriously damage ceramic components,
    reduces the effect of flue gas condensation in the chimney - the flue gas in a cold chimney cools down and reaches the dew point turning into water,
    when the chimney ignites, it is a fireproof barrier.

KONEKT Chimney System features:

     work in the temperature range from 60 to 600 ° C,
    Soot fire resistant,
    resistant to moisture, condensate and building corrosion,
    the possibility of foundation outside the building,
    possibility of cooperation with all types of fuels,
    lightweight construction,
    perfectly suppresses sounds coming from the boiler.

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