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Dimpled membrane 1x20 m Visa större

Dimpled membrane 1x20 m

Numer produktu Realbud: 2555
Designated for construction of the vertical insulation layer of foundations, walls, or floorings in direct contact with the substrate. It can also be used as an insulating layer of terraces and floors, or a draining layer in green roof structures. Additional thermal insulation of foundation walls.

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123.56   kr /st

100.45 kr exkl. moms.

Längd20 m
Bredd1 m
Tjocklek0,32 mm
Vikt9 kg
BrandklassPN-EN 13501-1 - F
Ansökanwykonania izolacji pionowej fundamentów, ścian, stropów mających bezpośredni kontakt z podłożem
Vikt400 g/m2
Supplier's index19/19A/02-0001
Volym0.09 m³

The dimpled membrane is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). It perfectly protects, insulates and protects underground parts of foundations and walls in a vertical arrangement and eliminates the capillary rising of water in a horizontal arrangement.

The asymmetrical structure of the embossing in the pyramidal form gives the membrane high compressive and tearing strength. Embossing ideally allows you to wick moisture away from foundations thanks to air circulation. It also contributes to improving the thermal insulation of foundations. High compressive strength allows permanent and effective functioning of the system under the pressure of the ground.

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