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Expansion plug SXL 8x65 - 50 pcs. Visa större

Expansion plug SXL 8x65 - 50 pcs.

The powerful nylon fixing with four-way expansion and larger anchoring depth.

The fischer expansion plug SX optimally transfers forces into the building material. The high-quality nylon used in production and typical expansion guarantee a secure, permanent connection. The fischer expansion plug SX is the best choice for fixing, e.g., lights, strips or bath and toilet installations.

Mer detaljer

47.06   kr 38.257608 /frp.

38.26 kr exkl. moms.

Förpackning 50 pcs.
Längd 65 mm
Diameter 8 mm

Top Features

  • Optimum force transmission due to four-way expansion. This allows for high holding values in solid and hollow building materials.
  • No expansion pressure on the plug neck. This means that tiles or plaster are not damaged.
  • Greater anchorage depth: better force transition in hollow building materials and aircrete.

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