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Lakier ognioochronny UNIEPAL-DREW Special FR -12 L Visa större

Fire Retardant Coating UNIEPAL-DREW Special FR

Flame retardant varnish for wooden, wood-based surfaces and OSB boards

The price is for 1L


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2 616.47   kr 2127.210242 /st

2 127.21 kr exkl. moms.

Volym 1, 5,12 L
Vikt 0.05 kg
Supplier's index KI-220M-CZA
Tillverkare KOELNER




UNIEPAL DREW SPECIAL FR- fire-retardant varnish for wooden and wood-based surfaces: plywood, chipboard and OSB boards




UNIEPAL DREW SPECIAL FR lacquer is intended for fireproof protection and decorative finishing of wooden surfaces made of domestic wood species and wood-based materials: plywood, chipboard and OSB boards used inside residential and public buildings as well as outside buildings.


Additional information



Products coated with UNIEPAL-DREW varnish in an amount of at least 200 g / m2, have been classified in terms of flammability: elements made of wood and OSB boards at least 12 mm thick - as flame-retardant (C-s2.d0). Wall cladding made of wood with a thickness of at least 20 mm and a density of at least 450 kg / m3 and OSB boards with a thickness of at least 22 mm, painted with a varnish of UNIEPAL-DREW in an amount of at least 200 g / m2, have been classified as non-spreading fire



The product does not apply to exotic wood species.






Varnish preparation:


Mix the product thoroughly before use. Dilution of the preparation is not recommended. If threading occurs, the viscosity of the varnish can be reduced by the addition of xylene or white spirit in an amount not exceeding 10%.



Substrate preparation:


  • Fill any surface defects, clean, degrease and dust off the surface.
  •  UNIEPAL DREW SPECIAL FR lacquer should be applied only on surfaces made of raw wood with a relative humidity not exceeding 20%.
  •  After drying, the varnish creates a colorless coating without changing the color of the wood.





Apply the varnish at a temperature above 10 ºC. Before starting the actual work, it is recommended to carry out a small-scale test to optimize the application parameters (performance, flow, drying time etc.). Apply two or three times on the vertical and horizontal surfaces in a total amount of at least 200 g / m2. The thickness of a single wet layer should not exceed 60 μm. The final thickness of the coating should be min. 120 μm. The interval between subsequent treatments depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment. At a temperature of 23ºC (± 2) and a relative humidity of 50% (± 5), the second layer can be applied after 16 hours, the third layer after the previous layers have completely dried.



If the high aesthetics of the wood finish is important, it is recommended to apply the first coat with a thin layer, and after drying, sand with abrasive with a gradation> 240 to remove hair. Immediately after completing the work, thoroughly clean the spraying tools or brush with xylene or mineral spirits.



Other information, notes:


• Coverage: max 5 m2 / l with full painting depending on the absorbency of the substrate.

• Solubility: insoluble in water, dissolves in some organic solvents.

• After drying, it creates a colorless coating without changing the color of the wood.

• Surfaces coated with other varnishes may change the fire classification.

 • The varnish is not suitable for painting floors.



The technical condition of the coating should be checked at least once every 12 months. In the case of mechanical damage (e.g. scratches, scratches, cracking of wood) or chemical (e.g. aggressive rainfall, bird droppings), the defects should be filled up. DO NOT MIX WITH OTHER VARNISHES

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