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Grid D400, type 67BK Visa större

Grid D400, type 67BK

According to PN-EN 124:2000     ISO 9001

Dimension: 589x389x70

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693.47   kr /st

563.80 kr exkl. moms.

Längd588 mm
Bredd389 mm
Höjd70 mm
Vikt30 kg
Ansökanzwieńczenie wpustów ulicznych usytuowanych w drogach o wysokim natężeniu ruchu dla wszystkich rodzajów pojazdów drogowych
Kvantitet på en lastpall32 szt.
Supplier's index0005M02
Volym0.02 m³

Dimension: 589x389x70

Ever-increasing traffic intensity and load-bearing capacity requirements for public roads have led to a growing demand for manholes of increased quality. Due to a rise in the prices of cast iron and steel in recent years, and a subsequent increase in acts of theft - manholes made of cast iron are no longer a good solution. The Marmox Co., which holds an ISO 9001 certificate, specializes in the manufacture of innovative, highly-durable products made of polymers for the construction industry which contain epoxide, polyester, acryl, and polyurethane. After long and intensive research and tests the Marmox Co, has produced an innovative manhole. This product is based on a newly developed acrylic polymer concrete (PC) of increased strength. The manholes manufactured by the Marmox Co. are ahead of the conventional products in terms of their strength, durability, corrosion resistance and the precision with which they are made. These manholes meet all the international standards (all strength classes), and are available in both standard and custom-made sizes. Marmox Co. products are cost-effective substitutes to traditional manholes and street inlets/gullies.


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