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Gunfoam Low-Expansion Lakma 750 ml Visa större

Gunfoam Low-Expansion Lakma 750 ml

The foam has a high mechanical strength and features good adherence to typical construction materials such as brick, concrete, plaster, wood, metals, polystyrene, hard PVC and rigid PUR foams. It has good heat insulation and soundproofing parameters. It is protected from fungi and moulds. The multi-season version can be applied at temperatures below freezing point.

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52.56   kr /st

42.73 kr exkl. moms.

Förpackning12 pcs.
Volym750 ml
Vikt0.88 kg
AppliceringstemperaturFrom +5°C up to +30°C
Torktid45 min
Supplier's index008-05-003-0001

For professional fitting of doors and windows, thermal insulation for water installations, sewage systems and central heating. Also suitable for filling gaps in the thermal insulation of buildings and for soundproofing and sealing structural construction components.

Colour after curing of the product

Pre-treatment time

Thermal resistance (hardened product)

Working temperature of substrate


light yellow

45 minutes

-50 to +90°C

from +5°C

up to +30°C

(optimum +20°C)

45 dm3


  • Sealing the assembly window and door frames, especially with thin-wall PVC profiles and aluminum
  • deposition and sealing of window sills, shutters, stairs, etc.
  • filling and insulation of pipe culverts and cable installation elements central-heating it and plumbing
  • filling and soundproofing walls and prefabricated elements in the constructive-tions skeletal
  • thermal and acoustic insulation of floors, attics, roofs, air conditioning systems
  • filling gaps in the joints of wall and ceiling foam


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