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Skrzynka rozsączająca Stormbox Visa större

Infiltration Box STORMBOX

Numer produktu Realbud: 58169

352.76   kr 286.797821 /st

286.80 kr exkl. moms.

Volym 216 dm³
Längd 120 cm
Bredd 60 cm
Höjd 30 cm
Material Polypropylene
Färg Green
Supplier's index 3496100301
Tillverkare PIPELIFE

The STORMBOX box system is designed for rainwater management by retention as well as pressureless spreading and infiltration in the ground. Rainwater collected from hardened surfaces, incl. from roofs, roadways, parking lots, streets, squares, green areas, they are discharged through gutters and downpipes to a sump with a sedimentation tank, and then to draining boxes.

Construction of STORMBOX boxes:

The STORMBOX (without bottom) has 5 side walls. Inside the box there are vertical reinforcing ribs that snap on to the corresponding holes in the bottom. In the side walls of the box there are openings for connecting the storm water drainage system, ventilation and flushing-control pipe connections with diameters 110, 125, 160 and 200 mm.

The box has 2 inspection holes in the upper part with a diameter of 110, 160 or 200 mm, thanks to which constant access to its interior is ensured. The box also has 2 inspection holes in the front and rear, and 1 in the side walls. In total, the box has as many as 8 (!) Inspection holes. Special vertical and lateral reinforcements of the STORMBOX construction ensure very high durability, while maintaining a very large free space - storage capacity is up to 95.5%.

Advantages of STORMBOX boxes:

  •     High strength
  •     Favorable relation between weight and strength,
  •     High net water capacity - 206 dm3,
  •     High storage capacity of 95.5%,
  •     Large, average active surface of the holes (over 50%),
  •     The boxes are inspected horizontally and vertically (they have 3 horizontal and 2 vertical channels),
  •     Possibility to connect dn 110, 125, 160 and 200 mm as well as 250, 315, 400, 500 mm (via connector),
  •     8 inspection holes in the side and top walls (6 holes Ø110-200 mm in the side walls and 2 holes in the top wall Ø110-200 mm),
  •     Possibility of cutting in half and modular joining,
  •     Alternate stacking (like bricks),
  •     Low weight
  •     Easy assembly
  •     The bottom is used only in the bottom layer,
  •     Tank cost reduction by approx. 20% compared to boxes with a bottom,
  •     IBAK certificates confirm that the boxes are inspection,
  •     OFI certificate confirms the strength of boxes to a hydrodynamic pressure of 180 bar,
  •     Crates are produced in Poland, and their purchase belongs to the so-called good practices contributing to the further development of companies operating in our country,
  •     Pipelife provides technical support during construction.

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