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Izoplast HYDROLASTIC binary sealing sludge, 33 kg

Numer produktu Realbud: 57223

497.04   kr 404.098778 /st

404.10 kr exkl. moms.

Förbrukning approx. 3,5 kg/m² - 2mm - 1 layer approx. 5,5 kg/m² - 2 layers
Vikt 34 kg
Tillverkare ADW
Volym 0.05 m³


The two-ingredient sealing slurry is used for the creation of anti-humidity and waterproofing protection in the form of insulation of light, medium and heavy type. It can be used inside and outside buildings, on all kinds of mineral bases. It is recommended for the sealing of terraces, balconies, wet rooms.

Additional information

This slurry can be used on plaster and levelling screed surfaces in wet rooms, cellar walls and foundations exposed to permanent contact with ground water, and in water reservoirs.

How to use

Preparation of the base: the base should have good coating-bearing capacity, be even, absorbable, and dry or matt-humid, not cracked, cleaned of any anti-adhesion coatings (such as dust, fat, powders and bitumen remains). Bases with low adhesion (plaster and painting coating flakes) should be removed. Base irregularities and cavities should be evened, and sharp edges rounded. In concave corners coves of a radius of about 2 cm should be made. Freshly made surfaces, e.g. of plaster or floor coating can be sealed after appropriate maturing, but not before 14 days. The surfaces showing dust should be primed with the IZOPLAST E NANO POWER primer. Dry surfaces free of technological humidity should be moistened to the matt-humid condition directly before the application of the sealing slurry.

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Izoplast HYDROLASTIC binary sealing sludge, 33 kg

Izoplast HYDROLASTIC binary sealing sludge, 33 kg

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PF Izoplast Hydrolastic ADW PL

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