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Kingspan Therma TR26 FM 2400x1200

Numer produktu Realbud: 60069

Package size: 240x120 cm

1 package = 2,88 m²

Available in different thicknesses

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Fråga oss om priset

Förpackning package
Längd 240 cm
Bredd 120 cm
Vikt 15 kg
Värmeledningsförmåga 0.022 W/mK
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Recommended for the thermal insulation of concrete and/or steel and/or wooden roofs, for under the mechanically fastened and ballasted systems of the following roof coverings:

  • multi-layer bituminous
  • single-layer bituminous with welded laps
  • single-layer PVC, TPO, FPO and EPDM


  • Sensational value of the heat conductivity coefficient λ=0,022 W/mK
  • Material does not spread fire, with a European Es2d0, RE 30 fire class
  • Stability of dimensions and high resistance to compression, minimum 120 kPa
  • Structure of closed cells, minimum 90%
  • Low weight – 30 kg/m3

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