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Mounting adhesive SBS beige 300 ml Visa större

Mounting adhesive SBS beige 300 ml

Numer produktu Realbud: 63765

For mounting panels, profiles, wall strips and skirting boards. For fixing and mounting of the thresholds, stairs, rafters, bulwarks, window sills, troffer fixtures, stone and ceramic tiles.

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27.63   kr 22.462361 /st

22.46 kr exkl. moms.

Volym 300 ml
Appliceringstemperatur From +10°C to +35°C
Färg Beige
EAN-kollinummer 5902986840005
Supplier's index 011-05-028-0001
Tillverkare LAKMA

Quick drying adhesive, based on SBS rubbers. Adheres very well to wood, glass, hard PVC and to most materials encountered in construction such as: brick, concrete and gypsum. Retains flexibility after drying. Connections made using this adhesive are resistant to water and temperature fluctuations to +60°C.


of curing

Treatment time

Application temperature


Thermal resistance

(hardened product)


of thinner

30 seconds

+10° to +35°C

-18° to +60°C

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