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Lintels Ytong YF - up to 250 cm

Numer produktu Realbud: 49320

Below The price is for the lintel YF-130 / 11.5 (length 130 cm, width 11.5 cm)

Fixed height 124 mm

Below, choose a different type:choose your desired size:

Mer detaljer

131.18   kr 106.651471 /st

106.65 kr exkl. moms.

Bredd 115, 175 mm
Höjd 124 mm
Vikt 17 kg
Material Gas-concrete
Supplier's index 221 260 420
Tillverkare XELLA

For covering openings up to 250 cm wide, prefabricated composite lintels Ytong YF are used. Depending on the thickness of the wall, the lintel is laid individually, doubly or triply. In order to achieve the full load capacity of the composite lintels, it is necessary to build up the supplementary layer from the blocks, with the filling of vertical joints even when the blocks have a tongue-and-groove connection. This layer should be made as accurately as it is part of the lintel transferring the compressive stresses.

Ytong YF lintels - assembly

For large openings during assembly, remember to support the lintel in the middle of the span.

The finished Ytong lintel elements do not require insulation, so they can be used in Ytong single-layer walls.

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