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PE-böj/front, hylsor och flänsar

PE / Butt fittings

In the production process of PE fittings, high density polyethylene (HDPE) is used. Thanks to this, the fittings are characterized by high impact strength. This ensures very high impact resistance, even at very low temperatures - up to -50 ° C. The upper temperature limit at which molds can be used reaches 60 ° C.
The fittings are used primarily in gas installations, but also in water installations. They can be used in underground and ground installations. An additional advantage is the possibility of using them in industrial installations thanks to very high resistance to chemical substances.
The process of joining fittings takes place by electrofusion welding and butt welding. The dimensions of the elements are available in diameters D20 to D630. The fittings are furthermore manufactured in accordance with the standards PE-EN 12201, i.e. for pipe systems made of plastics used for water transmission, as well as for pressure sanitary sewers and storm water drainage.
We offer fittings that are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship and durability. Feel free to contact us - we will gladly answer your questions regarding our assortment and dispel any doubts that may arise before buying.
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