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PE-/el-motstånd svetsade böj


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PE-/el-motstånd svetsade böj

PE / Electrofusion fittings

Electrofusion fittings are among the best and most technologically advanced products used to connect pipelines with PE. They allow you to significantly reduce assembly time and save space required for installation of the connection.
In our offer you can find, among others, tees, couplings, elbows, saddles branches and many others. All elements were made of the highest quality raw materials. As a result, they are resistant to both corrosion and low temperatures. They do not contain harmful substances. They are also characterized by long durability and durability - by using them to connect pipes, we have a guarantee of full protection and reliability throughout the life cycle.
We encourage you to take a closer look at our products. We are a company with many years of experience. We are constantly expanding our offer - so that the client can find everything he needs with us. Offered products are available at extremely competitive prices. If you do not know which product will be the most appropriate, we provide professional advice and technical support.
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