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Plasterboards Adhesive 25 kg (drywall)

Numer produktu Realbud: 59401

Plasterboard Adhesive is simple to apply direct to most masonry backgrounds and it's the fastest way to line your walls.

Intake: approx. 2,5-5 kg/m²

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46.75   kr 38.011506 /st

38.01 kr exkl. moms.

Förbrukning 2,5-5 kg/m²
Vikt 25 kg
Särdrag Przyczepność 0.06 N/ mm² (Mpa)
Kvantitet på en lastpall 42 pcs.
Supplier's index SA-CB 6.9
Tillverkare SOLBET
Volym 0.02 m³

This adhesive has an excellent adherence to concrete, bricks, gypsum blocks as well as cardboard-gypsum panels. The surface should be clean, compact and free from grease. Steel elements should have anticorrosion protection applied beforehand. Paints, loose sand and plaster particles must be removed. 

  • A multi-purpose gypsum-based adhesive for use with metal furring channel and for direct bonding of plasterboard and insulating laminates
  • Multi purpose gypsum based bonding compound
  • For direct bonding of plasterboard

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