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Polystyrene Adhesive Weber KS112, 25 kg

Numer produktu Realbud: 59054
42 pcs / pal.

Usage: from 3.5-4.0 kg / m²

Mer detaljer

68.11   kr 55.372853 /st

55.37 kr exkl. moms.

Förpackning Säck
Förbrukning 3,5-4,0 kg/m²
Vikt 25 kg
Kvantitet på en lastpall 42 St
Tillverkare WEBER

The most important properties of the product

  • very good adhesion to mineral substrates and foamed polystyrene
  • excellent application properties
  • resistant to weather conditions

Product application

  • Fixing of foamed polystyrene in Weber thermal insulation systems on newly erected buildings and undergoing thermal renovation
  • Leveling small unevenness in the ground
  • Fastening of light architectural details, eg decorative profiles


Weber KS112 adhesive mortar is recommended for gluing insulating boards made of foamed polystyrene. The amount of mortar applied should guarantee a contact surface with the substrate of not less than 40% of the surface of the insulation board.
In the WINTER winter thermal insulation system, weber KS112 should only be used for heated buildings.

The KS112 weber adhesive should not be applied with a mesh reinforced layer

For the mortar that begins to bind in the bucket, do not add water for reuse.

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Polystyrene Adhesive Weber KS112, 25 kg

Polystyrene Adhesive Weber KS112, 25 kg

42 pcs / pal.

Usage: from 3.5-4.0 kg / m²

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