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Styropapa 10 cm Visa större

Polystyrene-Roofing felt 10 cm

Numer produktu Realbud: 62394
Polystyrene one-sided laminated with roofing paper

Styrofoam EPS 80

1 sheet = 1 m²

Mer detaljer

88.06   kr 71.593184 /m²

71.59 kr exkl. moms.

Dimensionen 1x1 m
Tillverkare WERNER

Terms of use:

Layered Werner insulation boards are designed for thermal insulation and / or for forming flat and slanted roofs with a slope of up to 20%, for roofing made of asphalt roofing paper. The boards can be used on non-combustible substrates of wood, concrete, cement mortar or corrugated (trapezoidal) sheet, or on existing roofing. Layered Werner insulation boards can be designed for the insulation of terraces, foundations, floors and balconies. Layered Werner insulation boards should be fastened to the substrate with suitable adhesives approved for use in construction for this type of application, or with mechanical fasteners.

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