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Polyurethane Polystyrene & XPS Adhesive 750 ml Visa större

Polyurethane Polystyrene & XPS Adhesive 750 ml

Numer produktu Realbud: 44701

59.52   kr 48.392518 /st

48.39 kr exkl. moms.

Volym 750 ml
Vikt 0.9 kg
EAN-kollinummer 5411183098107
Supplier's index 121101
Tillverkare SOUDAL

Product Description:


  •   Excellent adhesion to most building materials, including wet ones
  •   It guarantees the highest thermal and acoustic insulation
  •   If desired, it can be painted with many typical paints
  •   hixotropic - does not flow from vertical surfaces
  •   High performance: up to 12 m2 (when applying path Ø 30mm)
  •   Cure speed: approx. 60 minutes (at 20 ° C / 65% RH)




    Bonding drywall and fiber-cement boards in drywall technology, wood-based and plastic decorative boards, metal sheets etc. to all common building substrates


    Fastening panels and insulation panels of various types of polystyrene, polyurethane, phenolic foams (PUR, PIR, XPS, EPS, PF) as well as mineral wool and cork to concrete, brick, stone, wood and metals (for example during soundproofing and insulation of containers, garages) e.t.c.


    Gluing of porous ceramic and aerated concrete fittings.

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Polyurethane Polystyrene & XPS Adhesive 750 ml

Polyurethane Polystyrene & XPS Adhesive 750 ml

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