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PVC Non-Return Valve Visa större

PVC Non-Return Valve

Numer produktu Realbud: 1255

with Single Flap and Lock-off

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346.73   kr 281.898162 /st

281.90 kr exkl. moms.

Diameter 110 mm
Vikt 1 kg
Material Polypropylene
Appliceringstemperatur Up to 95 °C
Färg Orange
Ansökan Protection against flooding from sewerage systems
Supplier's index ZB110
Tillverkare KARMAT

Fitting a non-return valve within your drainage system has some major advantages; 

  • Prevents access of rodents to your house through sewage points.
  • Helps to protect your house from flooding. 
  • Odour prevention using an automatic and emergency shut off mechanism for the flap.
  • Legal security, as many insurance companies will not be liable if the house does not have flood prevention measures in place.
  • Thermal stability and chemical resistant.
  • Quick and easy accessibility for checks and maintenance by simply unbolting the top lid.

Uwaga. Są klasy klap burzowych dla danych rodzajów ścieków. Dla ścieków czarnych [z fekaliami] powinna być specjalna klapa.


Hello, we believe it will be possible. Please send us an email request to the address and we'll organize the transport. Best regards!


I would like to order PVC Non-Return Valve
but I need to know if can send to FPO address
thank you

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