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Self-adhesive single-sided tape Corofix 50 mm/25 m

Numer produktu Realbud: 126

95.65   kr 77.768096 /st

77.77 kr exkl. moms.

Längd 25 m
Bredd 50 mm
Tjocklek 0,29 mm
Vikt 0.25 kg
Appliceringstemperatur From 0˚C
Färg White
EAN-kollinummer 5903364600297
Supplier's index 002040300
Tillverkare COROTOP
Volym 0.01 m³

Corofix® - a self-adhesive single-sided tape reinforced with polyester fibres, used for connecting and repairing polypropylene and polyethylene films as well as for connecting them with other plastics. It is perfectly suitable for glueing and repairing damages in roof membranes as well as roof and vapour insulations.


Single sided,

Reinforced mesh (reinforcing bonding),

Ideal for bonding and repairing damage to the membranes and roofing foils,

It combines with the wood and plastic elements,

Glues on smooth and rough surfaces,

The great bonding strength,

Resistant to aging,

Material: acrylic dispersion fiber-reinforced polyester,

Thickness: 0.29 mm,

Tape Width: 50 mm,

Temperature resistance: -40 ˚ C to 100 ˚ C,

UV resistance: up to 3 months,

Application temperature: 0 ˚ C,



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Self-adhesive single-sided tape Corofix 50 mm/25 m

Self-adhesive single-sided tape Corofix 50 mm/25 m

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