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Solid pipe PP PN10

For use with hot and cold water and central heating.

Item order-based, sold only in 4 m pieces.

Below select your desired diameter:

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14.53   kr /st

11.81 kr exkl. moms.

Förpackning 4 m
Längd 4 m
Diameter 20-110 mm
Material Polypropylene
Appliceringstemperatur Up to 90°C
Färg White
Tryck PN10

The nanopanel PP-R is a system of pipes and fittings designed for a wide use in indoor piping systems. The products included in that system are made of PP Random Copolimer (PPR-C, type 3) material. The advantages of this plastic material are its long life-span, resistance to pressure and impacts, high flexibility, high thermal resistance, and also excellent hygienic qualities (suitable for use in potable water systems) and those of acoustics (silent operation of the system).

The most important features:

  • durability – about 50 years,
  • chemical resistance – 1-14 pH,
  • maximum continuous operating temperature: –90°C
  • resistance to pressure and heat,
  • resistance to corrosion and the formation of deposits of lime scale.

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