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Super-Mata ISOVER 15 cm Visa större

Glass wool ISOVER Super-Mata 15 cm 0.033 W/mK

Numer produktu Realbud: 1806

Super-Mata is a mineral glass wool mat with high thermal insulation properties.
Roll = 3.72 m²

Logistic minimum 6 pallets (Isover products mix). With smaller orders, the surcharge is PLN 60 for each pallet space.

Pellets Surcharge (NET)
5 PLN 60
4 PLN 120
3 PLN 180
2 PLN 240
1 PLN 300

Mer detaljer

255.92   kr 208.067691 /rulle

208.07 kr exkl. moms.

Förpackning Rulle
Längd 3.1 m
Bredd 1.2 m
Vikt 12.83 kg
Värmeledningsförmåga 0.033 W/mK
Brandklass A1
Färg Gul
Kvantitet på en lastpall 24
EAN-kollinummer 5901644637414
Supplier's index 101205750
Tillverkare ISOVER
Volym 0.15 m³

Product characteristics

Super-Mata is a glass mineral wool mat produced according to the Thermistar TM technology. This unique product combines excellent thermal and acoustic performance with ease of installation, additionally being perfectly resilient and delicate. Super-Mata is a self-supporting product, so it doesn’t require the application of a rope, if applied between the rafters, which makes it economical and easy to assemble. The mat structure facilitates making holes in the wool and its adjustment to the required shape.


Thermal and acoustic insulation of pitched roofs.

Also thermal and acoustic insulation of:

  • attics
  • ventilated roofs
  • floors and ceilings between joists
  • wooden and steel frame constructions

Super-Mata shall be applied wherever partition insulation parameters are crucial. An extremely low thermal conductivity index (λD =0.033 W/mK) allows to obtain the thermal resistance of the division on the level that is required for passive houses and houses with exceptionally low demand for heat.


The products in original packages may be stored in open storage yards. A pallet, once unpacked or damaged, cannot serve as a protection against moisture.


In order to reduce thermal bridges in pitched roof, two-layer thermal insulation system is recommended (along and across the rafters). The insulation thickness recommended for optimal thermal insulation in a pitched roof, with two insulation layers is 300 mm.


Ma dobre parametry i nie było problemów z termoizolacją poddasza. Jest lekka i słabo pyli, łatwo się montuje.

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