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Welded shuttering, 200 mm high.

Numer produktu Realbud: 62041
Welded shuttering, 200 mm high.

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49.23   kr /st

40.03 kr exkl. moms.

Längd 1,6 m
Bredd 7 cm
Höjd 20 cm
Tjocklek 10 mm - ścianka; 16 mm - stopka
Vikt 8 kg
Material Płyta cementowo-wiórowa
Kvantitet på en lastpall 80 lub 100 szt.
Supplier's index ZI20-125
Tillverkare IMPORT
Volym 0.02 m³

Lost formwork is a system of formwork that allows efficient execution (formwork) of the designed shape and filling it with reinforcement and concrete mass, but this formwork after the concreting works is not a demountable element, because it is an important component of the completed building and it becomes the final thermal insulation.


The trimmed formwork is a prefabricated fitting that facilitates and accelerates the production of monolithic elements such as:


  • vignette at the ceiling level,
  • vignette wall
  • lintels and others

The undoubted advantages of the system are:


  • Significant acceleration of the formwork process
  • Very high insulation of all system components
  • High precision building structure (verticals, levels, right angles)
  • Low material consumption at the finishing stage
  • Absolutely bridgeless construction of the building
  • The ecological nature of the construction itself resulting from the minimization of construction waste
  • Limited number of mechanical devices - only concrete pump and drill in practice
  • No need to cut the elements to the desired height

The wall is made of 10mm impregnated cement-chipboard in accordance with EN 13986: 2004. The foot is made of impregnated chipboard and cement board in accordance with EN 13986: 2004.


Lost formwork can be easily installed in both brick walls and concrete surfaces. Installation by drilling and fastening with screws or anchors is extremely simple and fast! Lost formwork is easy to install on every floor and height - it does not require the use of scaffolding, which significantly increases safety at work.

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Welded shuttering, 200 mm high.

Welded shuttering, 200 mm high.

Welded shuttering, 200 mm high.

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