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Water Ball Valves (lever handle) Visa större

Water Ball Valves (lever handle)

Numer produktu Realbud: 7383

Price for water valve DN15 PN16.

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13.73   kr 11.164062 /st

11.16 kr exkl. moms.

Appliceringstemperatur Up to +100°C
Ansökan Domestic and industrial installations
Ball valves popularly called taps are rotary valves, the interior of which is usually a sphere, less often - a fragment of it. They are used as shut-off valves to close and open the flow, that's why their most important features are tightness and durability. The valves consist of a body, seat with ball, manual drive and return shaft. When the valve is open, the ball with a hollow hole lets through the medium, and if we turn it a quarter turn (90 °), it will cover the seat and block the flow.

Valves perform a typical open / close function due to the steep characteristics that prevent e.g. regulation of the refrigerant flow.

Ball valves are installed in domestic hot and cold water installations, central heating, in the refinery, chemical and food industries, in technological installations, compressed air and others.

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