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Water meter ½" (cold water)

Numer produktu Realbud: 45586

102.01   kr 82.936229 /st

82.94 kr exkl. moms.

Längd 110 mm
Diameter ½''
Appliceringstemperatur Up to 30°C
Tryck 10 bar
Ansökan To measure the volume of cold water
EAN-kollinummer 5902488099215
Tillverkare ECOMESS

A water meter is a device for measuring the volume of water flowing in closed pipes. The device can work in vertical and horizontal position. The water meter has a clear and legible indicator of water consumption. Durable, corrosion and mechanical damage resistant. It is characterized by high precision and accuracy of measurements.

Technical data:

    continuous flow Q3 1.6 - 4.0 m3 / h
    horizontal or vertical development
    cold water T30
    range of abacus indications: 9 999.999 m3
    minimal plot value: 0.05 dm3
    24 months warranty from the date of legalization
    accuracy class: R8OH / R4OV - standard
    MID Type Examination Certificate: TCM 142-13-5009
    Hygienic certificate PZH: HK / W / 0298/01/2013.


    rotary and hermetic counter (resistant to fogging)
    brass body and sealing plate
    anti-magnetic protection: - four-pole clutch, - shielding ring
    sapphire rotor bearing
    self-cleaning rotor bearing system
    internal adjustment system
    smooth bottom of the measuring chamber to prevent contamination
    possibility of equipping with pulse output K 1l / imp, 10l / imp, 100l / imp

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