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Water meter well DANWELL

Numer produktu Realbud: 8676

2 607.67   kr 2120.053161 /st

2 120.05 kr exkl. moms.

Diameter 500 mm
Höjd 1150 mm
Vikt 20 kg
Material Poliethylen/polipropylen
Hållfasthetsklass A15 cover
Tillverkare DANWELL
Volym 140 m³


  •      Thermal insulation preventing freezing of flowing water even at very low outside temperatures,
  •      eliminating the need to enter the well (access to the water meter and shut-off valves from the surface after opening the manhole),
  •      easy and convenient reading of the water meter readings thanks to the installation of the water meter line only 30 cm from the surface,
  •      eliminating the risk of flooding the water meter at high groundwater levels,
  •      no bottom, which makes it particularly useful in wetlands with a high level of groundwater (there is no danger of "leaking", so expensive anchoring is unnecessary),
  •      standard equipment with a lock prevents unauthorized access,
  •      quick and easy assembly - without the need for mechanical equipment.

Water meter well possesses PZH hygiene certificate No. HK / W / 0586/01/2009.

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