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Water meter well DN 400 Visa större

Water meter well DN 400

Numer produktu Realbud: 47517

844.57   kr 686.645753 /st

686.65 kr exkl. moms.

Diameter 400 mm
Höjd 1200 mm
Vikt 19 kg
Hållfasthetsklass Plastic cover or A15 cast iron cover
Supplier's index SWPP400/1,25
Tillverkare ZINPLAST
Volym 0.16 m³

The design solution of the bottomless water meter well enables the use of geothermal properties of the earth. Frost protection results from maintaining a positive temperature inside the well, the source of which is the heat of the earth.

Insulation of the well with a special cover and insulating plug allows the installation of a 30 cm water meter under the cover and prevents freezing at a temperature of - 30 ° C. The well can be installed in areas with high groundwater levels.

Application of a water meter well

The wells are used in the water supply system, they are used to mount the water meter in their chamber. The well allows installation of 1/2 and 3/4 inch water meters.

Mounting method

The well is mounted on the water supply network connection. The idea of ​​these wells is the ability to read water meter readings outside the property without entering a residential building etc. Suggested mounting locations are lawns or pedestrian routes.

If you intend to mount a well under a communication route, e.g. an entrance for passenger cars, please indicate in the order the option of a manhole with increased strength. A standard plastic cover in class A15 can be replaced without a surcharge for a cast iron cover by adding the letter "z" at the end of the picking symbol.


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