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Water & Moisture Insulation Izoplast B-W, 19 kg Visa större

Water & Moisture Insulation Izoplast B-W, 19 kg

Numer produktu Realbud: 56685

241.72   kr 196.52329 /st

196.52 kr exkl. moms.

Förpackning Hink
Bredd 30 cm
Höjd 30 cm
Förbrukning 0,5-0,8 kg/m²
Vikt 20.8 kg
Färg Transparent
Antal skikt 2
Torktid 4 h
Kvantitet på en lastpall 24
Tillverkare ADW
Volym 0.03 m³


IZOPLAST B-W dispersion asphalt-rubber compound is a ready to use, single-ingredient, water soluble anion emulsion based bitumen compound modified with polymers and intended for cold application.

Additional information

Product intended for making:

- coating moisture-proofing insulations and waterproofing foundations and similar underground parts of buildings

- restoration and renovation of tar paper roofings,

- seamless hydro-insulation coatings of the roofing on tar paper underlays

- especially recommended for conditions of strong hydration and in a saline water environment with sodium chlorides. Resistance to saline water (about 3% of NaCl)

- for use in communication civil engineering for road and railway facilities without limitations, civil engineering structures of city railways (underground) without limitations, and for individual applications.

Scope of use

Preparation of the base: when applying on concrete elements and plasters the process of cement bonding must be completed. The base cannot be frozen, frosted over, has to be free of any standing water. Remove loose elements and dust. Joint all cavities/chips/gaps, smooth porous surfaces. Concrete surfaces should be absolutely primed with IZOPLAST R-W asphalt anion emulsion wait until dry.

Application: use cold. Apply the compound with a roofing broom or brush. Subsequent layers can be applied after the previous one is dry. The time interval between applying the first and following layer of the IZOPLAST B- W insulation compound is about 8 hours.

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Water & Moisture Insulation Izoplast B-W, 19 kg

Water & Moisture Insulation Izoplast B-W, 19 kg

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PF Izoplast B-W ADW PL

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