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Weber.tec 901 30L Visa större

Weber.tec 901 30L

Numer produktu Realbud: 65064

631.77   kr 513.636349 /st

513.64 kr exkl. moms.

Vikt 31 kg
Supplier's index 14TEC901/30
Tillverkare WEBER
Volym 0.06 m³

Weber.tec 901 (Eurolan 3K) is a solvent-free bitumen emulsion used for making moisture and protective coatings. It allows to obtain watertight mortars and cement-bituminous screeds. For compatibility with cement, weber.tec 901 is a stable aqueous bitumen emulsion. 

The most important properties of the product

  • environmentally friendly, does not contain solvents
  • high solid content
  • resistance to usually aggressive substances found in the ground

Product application

It can be used as an additive and modifier for plastering, masonry, jointing and screed mortars. Due to the size of the emulsion particles (they penetrate into the pore system and capillaries of the cement mortar), this results in the mortars being given water-resistant qualities and increases their resistance to aggressive substances. The plasticizing effect of the weber.tec 901 emulsion has a positive effect on the w / c ratio and makes the application easier.

Areas of application:

  • as an additive (modifier) ​​for cement mortars, in order to obtain watertight mortars,
  • as an additive (modifier) ​​for cement mortars, in order to give them resistance to chemical aggression,
  • for making protective coatings of structural elements in the ground,
  • for making waterproofing of structural elements in the ground,
  • primer for waterproofing from KMB masses, eg weber.tec Superflex 10, weber.tec Superflex 100, weber.tec Supeflex 100 S, weber.tec 915.

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Weber.tec 901 30L

Weber.tec 901 30L

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PF TEC 981 Weber PL

Declaration of performance for the Weber product in Polish.