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weber.tec Superflex D2 24 kg

Numer produktu Realbud: 1111

1 232.97   kr 1002.41644 /st

1 002.42 kr exkl. moms.

Förpackning Hink
Vikt 24 kg
Appliceringstemperatur From +3°C to +30°C
Antal skikt min. 2
Supplier's index 14SUP0D2/24
Tillverkare WEBER

The most important properties of the product

  • quick-setting, the possibility of further processing after 90 minutes,
  • after 4 hours you can load with pedestrian traffic and pave with tiles,
  • drying independent of weather conditions - chemical bonding,
  • extremely easy machining,
  • binds without appearance of cracks and stresses, also in wind and UV loads,
  • very good adhesion to the ground,
  • high tightness, also when the water is tearing off the waterproofing from the ground,
  • crack bridging above 2 mm wide even at low temperatures,
  • resistance to frost, aging and UV radiation,
  • does not require further protection of the surface,
  • it can be covered with ceramic claddings and tiles.

Product application

  • for horizontal and vertical waterproofing of recessed parts of buildings and structures such as:
  • continuous footings,
  • foundation walls,
  • foundation slabs,
  • to seal building plinth areas,
  • for sealing against negative water pressure (isolation of waterproofing from the ground) - depression up to 3 m below the groundwater table,
  • for performing secondary insulation of buildings and structures (walls, floors), also of a bathtub type,
  • for sealing water tanks, also for drinking water (up to 15 m of water), swimming pools, wastewater treatment tanks,
  • for combined seals (sub tiles) of balconies and terraces,
  • for sealing damp and wet rooms (showers, bathrooms, etc.),
  • as a preliminary seal and bonding layer for sealing with polymeric bitumen sealants (KMB),
  • for temporary sealing during construction,
  • bonding layer on existing bituminous (asphalt) coatings.

The construction of waterproofing depends on the type of the structure being sealed, the moisture / water load, the presence of aggressive media, etc.


Preparation of the product

The liquid and powder components are provided in the correct proportions. Add the powder component to the liquid component and mix with a low-speed mixer or a paddle-type drill until a homogeneous homogeneous mass is obtained. Avoid aerating the mortar while mixing. The mixing time is 2-3 minutes, then a 1-2 minute break and a short mixing are required. The prepared micro-mortar is ready for application.
Prepare the amount of material that can be used during processing.


Conditions during application and binding

The temperature of the substrate and air during work should be between + 3 ° C and + 30 ° C. Do not apply material to a frozen substrate, do not work during freezing temperatures and during precipitation.
Protect the freshly applied waterproofing layer from drying too quickly. Avoid strong wind and direct insolation of the treated surface. The rules of the art of construction should be followed here. Seal the fresh sealing layer for at least 4 hours against frost and rain


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