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WHITE Cement CEM I 52.5 R Visa större

White Cement 25 kg CEM I 52.5 R

Numer produktu Realbud: 6980
The WHITE cement thanks to its unique properties is mainly used for the production of prefabricated elements, ready-made building chemistry mixes and the preparation of mixtures for the purpose of architectural concrete. Thanks to its use, you can obtain products in durable, vibrant colors - resistant to abrasion and frost.

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79.78   kr /st

64.86 kr exkl. moms.

Vikt25 kg
Kvantitet på en lastpall56
Supplier's index40000841
Volym0.02 m³


  • high early and normal strength
  • stable quality parameters
  • a high degree of whiteness gives the possibility of obtaining any color of the product


Preparation of white and colored mortar for plastering and bricklaying, including production of ready-made building chemistry mixes (adhesives, mortars, joints, etc.)
production of terrazzo products; tiles, window sills, stair steps
production of white and colored prefabs; cobblestones, paving slabs, balusters balustrades for balconies and stairs, and garden accessories; sculptures, fountains, barbecues
architectural concrete as well as construction and renovation of decorative external and internal elements of buildings; reliefs,

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