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Murfor RND / Z / 150-4 reinforcement for traditional mortars

Numer produktu Realbud: 60942
MURFOR reinforcement for traditional mortar

Packaging: 25 items

RND / Z / 150-4

Length: 3050 mm

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44.03   kr 35.796592 /st

35.80 kr exkl. moms.

Längd 3050mm
Bredd 40mm
Tillverkare NOVA

Prefabricated reinforcing beams, consisting of two parallel rods connected by means of a third, curved sinusoidal.

Technical parameters of steel used for reinforcement production:

  • min. breaking strength 550 N / mm2
  • yield point min. 500 N / mm2
  • shear weld strength of min. 2500 N
  • Murfor® increases the compressive strength of the masonry especially in the case of boundary loads.

Murfor® increases the rigidity of buildings by tethering load-bearing walls with partition walls.
Murfor® offers new architectural possibilities, e.g.
- walls (elevations, fences) without bindings

- double walls

- elimination of traditional lintels

- elimination of traditional wreaths

- increasing the distance between dilatation (or eliminating them)


The application of Murfor® in the masonry gives extraordinary effects in preventing scratches and cracking.
The main reasons for wall scratches are:

  • mining damage
  • exceeding the load capacity of the wall for bending; shear
  • cramps, creep and expansion of the structure
  • uneven settlement
  • earthquakes, vibrations, explosions

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PF RND/Z Murfor EN

Declaration of performance for Nova's MURFOR products in English.